About Us


Preview is a United Arab Emirates based Group of Companies, founded in 2005, specialised in professional IT & Electronic Products, export to target markets around the world. Located in the Dubai-UAE, Middle East, Preview Group of Companies is well famous Icon of IT & Electronic fields and various industry resources.

Preview Group of Companies expertise in international markets spans one & half decades, with a hands-on approach to ever changing market needs and requirements. We are equipped to react swiftly to our customers’ needs and we take pride in the service, we provide to our customers in the quality of our IT & Electronics Products Such as Laptops, Desktop, AIO PCs, Printers, Copiers, CCTV, POS, Office Equipment and Accessories.

Preview has partnered with many manufacturers, Distributors, dealers and customers around the world to market and channel its product line to professionals; such partnership has given us market access in Central Asia, Middle East, and North & West Africa.

In 2011, Preview lunched its own Company brand “Premax” with the theme line “Technology for the future” Our brand is a true reflection of high quality and above industry standards. Our aim is to exceed market requirements when it comes to Product quality and that is our promise.


Our strategy

Preview‘s strategies includes to Manage the business in a balanced way across strength, growth,  and productivity.

Our strategy seeks to deliver on this vision by building the stronger and enduring customer relationships through globalization, being a leader in the market, being a place where the best people want to work and, in so doing, delivering superior technology for customers with latest and future technology aspects.


We are serious in business so we mean what we say by doing things right at the right place at the right time, so you can rely to us 24/7/365


Our products meet the high standard quality set in the industry and the services of our team members are world-class.


Integrity is the heart and soul of our company, and the mantra of every team member, that makes our customers happy.


We have an unwaring commitment to deliver our promises and do our job with excellence.